A digital church website design with a black and white background.


The home page of your website is the most visited and most important page on your entire site. It is the front door of your digital church. When a visitor lands on your website home page for the first time, it has two very important jobs. First, your home page should immediately and clearly communicate who you are as an organization. It should be in such clear alignment with your vision that the visitor instantly knows if your vision is in alignment with their needs. This will be the first indication to them if they’re looking in the right place. Secondly, your home page should make it clear where to go next. There should be a hierarchy of links and content throughout the page that start the visitor on a journey. You should first include content for those who are new to your church and are considering getting more involved, either online or in-person. Then you could include some more information about what is valuable to you, how you serve the community or the people around you, a sampling of sermons, events, or other ways to get connected.

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