v3.1.7August 31, 2023

Improvements to Teams & Member Listings

For a while now, we’ve had to use some workarounds to display people who are members of teams. These workarounds included assigning people to the teams and then going in and assigning the matching team to the person as a taxonomy. We’ll admit, it was pretty clumsy. The more we dreamt about what our teams feature should look like, that has evolved over time to work better than it did at the outset. Now, you can define roles for each team, and then you can add people into those roles. You can also re-order the roles right in the team editor.

So what was a complicated system is pretty simple now. Just make sure your team members are added as people. Then you can edit the team and add them as members to specific roles.

With our new approach comes a new shortcode you can use. You can add the No team members found. shortcode to your team page (or even better, to the team member theme layout) and it will now display the members of that team in the order you used when you created the roles. You can also use the shortcode with a team_id argument on other pages around your site.

Some other preparations

In addition to this new shortcode, we’re starting to set the stage for a new product we call Messenger. It will begin as a simple email platform for you to email your users and people in your database. Later on, we’ll add text communication and in-site/in-app chat widget functionality. That’s all coming down the road.

We also added some code that we’re working on to enhance the dashboard experience. Just a quick preloader so you can feel like you’re heading somewhere important while the dashboard loads.